California Prop 65 Compliance Memo

Chemical Warning Requirements

Prop 65 Memo Available from the Law Offices of Joanne E. Mattiace

You may have heard that there are changes coming down the pike in regards to California Prop 65.  Some of you have indicated great concern about  these changes.  To assist you with  offering consumer products in California, we have prepared a short compliance document which can help you with your approach to such product offerings.  Please let us know if you would like to order a copy of that memo.

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EPA Formaldehyde Law Label Change

California Formaldehyde Law Label Example

US TSCA Title VI Compliant Law Label for EPA Formaldehyde Emission Standards for Composite Wood Products. 

formaldehyde law label

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If your company offers any consumer product for sale which contains any type of manufactured wood, you are likely familiar with the need to comply with California’s wood and formaldehyde labeling and emissions standard. 

Be aware that a new federal rule, both labeling and emissions, kicks in later this year. The new federal rule is similar, though not identical, to the California requirement. There has been a great deal of confusion over this federal rule but it is now slated to be effective in December of 2017. Companies may now begin to use the labels necessary to appear on products.

Now is the time to consult with your suppliers and secure documentation as to the emissions levels associated with the use of such manufactured wood in consumer products. Therefore, go ahead and begin to implement the new federal labeling requirements, and learn the new record keeping obligations imposed upon your company. Also, consult with legal counsel and/or the team at Legal Label sooner than later. Don’t put your product offerings at risk with a possible violation.

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