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License Auditor

Free To Retailers, Importers & Distributors!

Stop sale orders and other costly violations can mean that covered product is removed from point of sale. If you are a retailer, you have likely found that it is time consuming and labor intensive to have products pulled off sale because your manufacturer failed to obtain, or keep current, with state registrations. This results not just in lost sales but in brand damage and consumer frustration as well. License Auditor is a service offered by Legal Label that can serve to minimize this from happening. License Auditor helps retailers ensure that their manufacturing suppliers are meeting the required licensing requirements. License Auditor tracks registration numbers, state licensing, renewal dates and lets you know if your business partners/suppliers are delinquent in any given jurisdiction.

Free to Retailers, Importers & Distributors!

Do-it-yourself, website service $ 495 each manufacturer per year.
Full Service  $1000 each manufacturer per year.

Let us navigate the confusing world of bedding, upholstered furniture, and stuffed toy registration.

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