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We can assess whether your product requires a certain label, as well as review any of your current labels to determine if they meet applicable requirements. We can help you develop a uniform law label that can satisfy the different requirements of each state, create a flammability label that meets the requirements of various flammability regulations, and generate a textile or care label that is appropriate for the consumer goods that your company offers. If needed, we can help you obtain a Uniform Registry Number (URN, also known as “REG NO”), and apply for the various state registrations.

Creation of U.S.A. state law label

In the early 1900s, states began passing “tagging laws” which required that bedding products carry labels identifying their hidden contents in order to protect consumers. These labels soon became known as “law” labels. You have probably seen this label on your mattress or bed pillow and laughed over its dictate that it is “Not To Be Removed Under Penalty of Law.” You may have even wondered about label police visiting you at home! These laws and the labels that they mandate are intended to protect consumers from unknowingly purchasing a second‐hand product containing unsafe or unsanitary materials. The laws also have served to protect reputable manufacturers from unscrupulous ones, since they mandate the use of labels which describe the hidden material content of the product. State regulators inspect retailers to see if products carry the required labels. Stop Sale and Notice of Violations can ensue if those labels are incorrect. Monetary penalties are also possible. Law labels are white if the hidden materials used within the product are new. Law labels are typically yellow or red if the hidden materials are used and the product is considered “secondhand” or renovated. In some states the law labels must also contain detailed information that the product has been sanitized. Rental companies in particular need to be aware of these label rules. Secondhand bedding offerings must comply with a number of very detailed state and local regulations. Contact us for details. This is particularly important that renovated mattresses, for example, need to abide by strict new federal flammability rules. The requirements for law labels are quite detailed and some state requirements differ from other states. We can help you create one label that satisfies all the states requirements.

Creation of Canadian law label

Bedding and furniture items sold, imported or advertised in Canada must meet Canadian federal labeling requirements, as well as any applicable provincial requirements on labeling. The Uniform Law Label used in the U.S. is NOT ACCEPTABLE in Canada. Call us toll free at 877-481-0734 to discuss.

Flammability labels

Regardless of a state’s law label requirements, the federal government, by way of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), mandates that mattresses and mattress pads offered for sale in the United States bear certain flammability information. These requirements are typically referred to as “1632” and “1633,” shorthand for 16 CFR 1632 and 16 CFR 1633. These labels must attest to the product having passed stringent fire tests. In addition, record keeping of the testing is required. Flammability rules are complicated and fire testing is expensive, so these labels are often a company’s first line of defense. A poorly executed label may lead to a product being pulled from retail. An expensive recall of product might then be ordered. Check with us to be sure that you have fulfilled your flammability obligations!

Care labels

The Care Labeling Rule requires manufacturers and importers of textile wearing apparel and certain piece goods to attach care labels to these items stating what regular care is needed for the ordinary use of the product. The Rule also requires that the manufacturer or importer possess, prior to sale, a reasonable basis for the care instructions.

Textile labels

Textile, wool and fur products need to carry specified (and permanent) labels that must remain legible throughout the life of the product. The label requirements apply to manufacturers, importers, and retailers. In general, most clothing and textile products commonly used in a household are covered by the labeling requirements.

Other labeling

All consumer products are required by law to carry information that informs the consumer about the product they are buying. It can be confusing and frustrating when the federal government and several states require different pieces of information to appear on the label. A product must be labeled correctly in order to be lawfully offered for sale. Manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers each share the responsibility to offer properly labeled products. Contact us to review your products and determine what labels are required so they may be offered for sale.

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Let us navigate the confusing world of bedding, upholstered furniture, and stuffed toy registration.

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