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Filling Material of Animal Origin

If you are sterilizing feather, down, or other filling material of animal origin (such as wool) you must obtain a sterilization permit from 5 states or if you are a manufacturer or importer using a sterilization permit on your law label you may want to consider proof of compliance from the sterilizer.

Note that UT’s sterilization permit applications can now be processed as of July 3rd, 2017. 

Pennsylvania Variance

Do you know that PA requires a variance for any term not listed in their regulations?

Even if you have an existing license, if you’re using terms on your law label that are not listed in the Pennsylvania Regulations, you need to file a variance application. Some of the common terms that require a variance are:

  • Batting
  • Blended Fiber Batting
  • Cotton (by itself)
  • Olefin
  • Pad
  • Polypropylene Fiber
  • Polystyrene Foam Beads
  • Resonated
  • Visco Elastic

If you’re not sure if your terms are accepted in PA, or if your law label has changed since your initial application, contact us for help with this complicated requirement. It’s always a good idea to have us periodically review your law labels to ensure they are still in compliance with changing regulations. CONTACT US