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Uniform Registry Number (URN)

For more than half a century, numerous states have required that certain bedding products (purchase an ISPA Law Label Manual for a complete list of products) carry those ubiquitous labels that start with the phrase ″Not to be removed under penalty of law…″ These labels, commonly referred to as ″law″ labels, must carry certain information and nothing else, including desired corporate logo or product brand marks.  For example, only approved industry terms may be used on the labels and they must be securely attached to the product.  Dozens of states require these labels for new products and many also require that the individual manufacturer and in some cases the importer—be registered. In addition, labels and registration of companies offering “secondhand” or renovated products are required in a number of states. In short, this registration and label process can be a daunting task for companies since a number of states require different pieces of information on these labels. Careful attention needs to be given so that one label will suffice in all states.

A law label carries the ″registration″ number of the manufacturing facility that produced it.  Since each such registration number is unique to each facility, this provides for a government regulator to “trace back″ the product. If a company’s product doesn’t carry them (or those labels are incorrect), those products may be pulled from sale by government inspectors. Thousands of dollars can be at stake.


Let us navigate the confusing world of bedding, upholstered furniture, and stuffed toy registration.

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