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CPSC Industry Training

September 11-13, 2017

Laboratory Testing of Children’s Products
September 11, 2017, Guangzhou, China, 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Forum and Training for laboratories and prospective participants, in the CPSC’s Third Party Testing Program. The Staff will conduct a testing industry forum and training day on conformity assessment of children’s products. The even is open to those in the CPSC’s Third Party Testing Program and those interested in applying for the program. The interactive format will allow for feedback form the testing industry based on experience with conformity assessment to CPSC requirements and they will take specific questions from those in attendance. Staff will provide training on critical areas of testing and cover cover accreditation issues that are of special concern to the CPSC.

Design for Safety: Preventing Mechanical Hazards for Designers and Manufacturers
September 12, 2017 – Guangzhou, China, 8:00 am-5:00 pm
CPSC staff, in cooperation with the European Commission, will conduct a training seminar on designing consumer products to prevent mechanical hazards. The target audience includes designers, manufacturers, and testing professionals who deal with consumer products. Government and industry experts will discuss common mistakes and identify areas for more careful consideration.

U.S. Mattress and Furniture Safety Requirements – Training for Designers and Manufacturers
September 13, 2017 – Shanghai, China
CPSC staff will train on mattress and furniture safety requirements at the China International Furniture Fair at the National Exhibition & Convention Center, Shanghai, China. Content will focus on designing, testing and manufacturing mattresses and furniture that meet regulations for fire and chemical safety, as well as children’s furniture products.

More information about how to register, times, and locations will be announced soon. Contact the CPSC for more information.

Ontario Regulation Changes

The government is planning to update their regulations to limit annual licensing requirements to bedding, mattresses and upholstered furniture articles. Second-hand materials would still be allowed as stuffing, provided they comply with the sterilization standards; labeling requirements would be simplified to give businesses greater flexibility; home hobby and craft operators would no longer need licensing; and  they plan on introducing mandatory incident reporting. Before moving forward with these changes, the Ministry will be opening up consultation and reviewing comments this summer and into the fall. They are currently operating under the status quo, but change is imminent. Please CONTACT Ontario for more information.

Maryland Introduces Mattress Recycling Bill

02/17/ 2016 Maryland has introduced legislation that would require a mattress recycling program be established by manufacturers. This is different from CA, CT and RI programs because it requires the manufacturers to charge a fee on any mattresses sold to retailers and for the retailers to then charge the fee to consumers. The fee would not be required to be disclosed to consumers. ISPA is opposing this legislation due to the inconsistency with other states. Visit for more information.

California Mattress Recycling

California’s mattress recycling program, Bye Bye Mattress, launched December 30th, 2015. The program, required by a 2013 law, provides mattress and  box spring recycling free of charge in CA. This program also provides designated collection sites and recycling facilities, where CA residents can drop off used mattresses for free. The funding for this program is provided by an $11 recycling fee that is collected by mattress sellers on each new mattress and/or box spring that is sold in the state, and then remitted to the MRC each month.

All mattress manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers and others selling mattresses in CA must register with the Mattress Recycling Council, or under  law, you will not be allowed to sell mattresses in CA. To register for free, simply click here.

Rhode Island Mattress Recycling Program

The Rhode Island Mattress Recycling Program launches May 1, 2016. Sellers of mattresses must collect a $10 per unit fee on every mattress and box spring sold for use in RI. Mattress producers, manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers and others selling mattresses in RI must register at Registration is free and easy. This secure portal allows mattress sellers to submit monthly sales reports and remit recycling fees. For more program developments and information visit, where you can sign up to receive notices.

ISPA Industry Conference 3/4-3/5

ISPA Industry Conference The ISPA Industry Conference is being held at the Vinoy® Renaissance Resort and Golf Club in St. Petersburg, FL this year and registration is now open. Featuring a Centennial Program and Gala dinner, and key note speakers Rich Karigaard, publisher of Forbes, and Jon Spence, author, business strategist, and consultant. Visit the for more information.