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Ontario Regulation Changes

The government is planning to update their regulations to limit annual licensing requirements to bedding, mattresses and upholstered furniture articles. Second-hand materials would still be allowed as stuffing, provided they comply with the sterilization standards; labeling requirements would be simplified to give businesses greater flexibility; home hobby and craft operators would no longer need licensing; and  they plan on introducing mandatory incident reporting. Before moving forward with these changes, the Ministry will be opening up consultation and reviewing comments this summer and into the fall. They are currently operating under the status quo, but change is imminent. Please CONTACT Ontario for more information.

IMPORTANT Massachusetts Policy Changes

Massachusetts is currently reviewing their bedding, upholstered furniture and stuffed toy regulations and has determined that in accordance with M.G.L C. 94, § 271 and/or 105 CMR 620.000 they can require licensing per manufacturing location, just like the rest of the states currently do. Their past interpretation of allowing one license for all of a company’s manufacturing facilities will no longer be allowed, and upon renewal will require a separate application per facility for a fee of $300.00 for each license.

The Importer or Wholesale Dealer must be licensed if the manufacturer is not.

Legal Label is working with MA to ensure proper licensing for each of our clients.

Please note, MA has changed their expiration dates for all new licenses to one year from date of issue (as opposed to 6/30 annually.)

If you need help understanding these changes please contact Legal Label.