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Texas URN info

Texas rescinded their bedding laws in September of 2016 (however, San Antonio has since passed a new bedding ordinance). Each state has slightly different policies in how they plan to handle this situation.

California: Will issue the licensee a CA URN for no extra charge and remove the TX URN from their records.

Connecticut: The Texas numbers will be valid in Connecticut until April 30, 2016. The firms that have a Texas Uniform Registration Number would need to get a new number from an issuing state.

Delaware: No response.

Detroit: No response.

Massachusetts: No response.

New York: No response.

North Carolina: Will allow manufacturers (RENEWALS ONLY) with a Texas registration to renew for 2016 only to allow products to clear the channels. If Texas registration is found and has not renewed for 2016, bedding items will be placed under a statewide OFF Sale.

Beginning the 2017 licensing year, ALL TX registrations found in the channels of trade will be placed under a statewide OFF SALE Order for removal from the State.

No new applications with Texas registration numbers will be accepted beginning the 2016 licensing year.

Ohio: Once the Texas number expires, they will require a new application and application fee and issue a state of Ohio registration number.  They will not require a new sample for testing, provided they can locate the ROA for the previous sample.  If the customer obtains a new registration number from some other state, they will only need a copy of the new state license and will then update their records to reflect the new registration number.

They will not issue violations for products found in Ohio retail stores that have a state of Texas registration number unless that number is not previously registered with OH.  In that case, they will issue correspondence indicating the need to be properly registered and will issues a state of Ohio registration number upon receipt of the application.  They do understand that there will be products in the marketplace with the state of Texas registration on the law labels.

Oklahoma: Is renewing the TX licenses for the current year.

Pennsylvania: PA will renew them without showing proof of being valid in Texas (which of course they won’t be anymore). However, from what they are seeing with incoming applications other states are requiring them to apply for a new URN.
They of course will not be accepting any new applications with a Texas URN.

Rhode Island: Will replace the number free of charge and if there is an old product on the shelf they probably would just write to them to have them replace the tag on new items.

Utah: If a Texas issued number was current in 2015 they let it finish the calendar year. All Texas numbers were eliminated from their system December 31st. New applications with the new numbers will need to be submitted.

Virginia: Will not renew any TX URNs that are still current in VA. Once a Virginia account expires that had a TX prefix URN, it becomes void. They do not accept any new applications for licenses with a TX prefix.

If the firm had a previous account with a TX prefix, they try to note in the new account so the inspectors will see that the company has transitioned to a new URN…this will hopefully prevent violations for a limited time on existing inventory that remains in the stores with TX URNs.

West Virginia: Will not take a TX URN starting with their licensing year July 1,2016, because in April 2016, renewals will be going out, so they will not renew any TX URNs or take any new applications with the TX URNs.